Autodesk Scaleform?

Hi, I started using UE4 few months ago and i really wanted to learn how to implement Scaleform to UE4, I searched youtube for tutorials and couldn’t find anything. Can someone talk me trough the process?

Thats because Scaleform is no longer included with UE4 so not much people use it outside high budget studios, as i seems on there page they only support UE4 in professional version

Either way it’s Autodesk job to provide documentation for you as it’s there product, i only found this:

Scaleform isn’t integrated into UE4. We recommend building user interfaces in the built-in UMG system, described here:

And UMG is one of the most awesome features of UE4! :cool:

It has been said recently on the Autodesk forums that, Scaleform Studio; bundled for free with Stingray, can be used with other game engines because it has the same integrations as Scaleform Pro…

So if people are willing to fork out a subscription for that, you should be able to use it with UE4.

That wouldn’t work for UE4, you need the actual UE4 specific integration from them, the tool they use to create content is something else. from scaleform oficial page:smiley:

Yes, and?

UE4 doesn’t include the support for Scaleform, you have to get the UE4 integration from Autodesk, which requires paying them for a license

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