Autodesk petition here

I decided to post this here as i think is important.For the artists outhere who use autodesk software we all know what Autodesk did to us last year…Well they are not stoping and many of us got a late email that the users of maintenance licenses will be ¨¨charged with more¨¨each year unless they dont move to monthly subscription.I see the topic has been quiet over the internet and autodesk do tend to censor this stuff but over at their forums the battle keeps on going for artist to stop this monopolization.(unlike the adobe forums that completely gave up).

So here is a petition that keeps on a good pace in order for us to try and reach some agreement to counter a litle this nouncese.

If you are a autodesk user and didnt knew about this,please feel free to sign the petition.If you use another software not bind to autodesk,it might be in your interest to sign it anyways as im sure that if/once they slave the users there completly their crusade on purchasing and than killing other companyes will continue(it has been done in the past).In my opinion in the not so distant future,the foundry or maxon coud be next.

Do not sign silly petitions, vote with your wallet instead and switch 3d app.

I’m all for FOSS, but for those who invested big $ into perpetual licenses that’s unhelpful…

@O_and_N ... Please fill us in... What kind of bait and switch did Autodesk pull this time?

There are people that have ongoing Maintenance subscriptions which cost less per year than the regular subscription, and those people get the same benefits, so Autodesk is trying to get people to switch over. They sent out an email saying that they would be increasing the price of Maintenance subscription each year for the forseeable future with the goal of having everyone switched over in a couple years. In return for switching, people get a big discount off a regular subscription–however, people have done the math and the amount you would pay by switching is more than just sticking with maintenance subscription even with the price increases. Not only that, but they don’t make it clear in the offer that by accepting it you would be giving up your perpetual license.
So essentially by switching you would get to pay more and lose your perpetual license.
And among all that there’s still their marketing b.s. about how subscriptions are a value to the consumer bla bla bla
Overall another frustrating move by Autodesk in trying to squeeze more money out of people while they’ve also done a poor job in giving people value for their money in the last number of years.
Imagine if they put as much into development of their software as Epic puts into UE4?

Pretty much what darthviper said.To renew perpetual licenses(the last thorn in autodesks eye) this year it will cost us 5% more(not for me as i renewed early),next year will be 10%increase>than 20% >and after that the rumor is that by 2020 the price will get even higher in order to flush people out or they will just pull the plug on us.Still the petition(i dont think its explained)cover the fact that is trying(apart from the prices)to return the existance of perpetual licenses or even put a option to pay to own after a x period of time.That task is for the ones that will lead the conversation if autodesk picks up the phone after the petition.(all most close to a 1000 signs).Speaking of phones,some dude managed to get a hold on the phone of a person that tends to sit on the table with the shareholders(minor role)but he said that all of this was planed very carefully 3-4 years ago…

Still i think its good that i posted here as this is my small contribution to the battle.They will most probably still continue to do what they like best and as i have some self respect left sooner or later i will stop paying too,but at least i will be left with copies for life and thats enough for me.Still in time I do hope they do something stupid and really noticeable so that we can mass sue them :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously,users there are really getting on the edge as they invested a lot and dont plan on giving on their rights.

Autodesk are trying to make as much money as they can with their dirty tricks. The removal of perpetual licences are just a way for them to force customers to pay so they can keep using the software (not possible with someone owning a perpetual license who can keep using their 2016 version while 2017 is out).

I agree with this guy, there are a lot of good softwares outside in the world, I had been using Maya and 3dsmax for years, and at this stage both are relics, 3dsmax crash every second, and maya becomes in the same garbage, the are a loooot of unsolved bug from 3 or 4 versions ago,and I was a very advanced user, from model to scripting, I change all my efforts to modo, cheaper, faster and one of the most important thing from me, programmable with python for pipeline improvements

Signed. Autodesk isn’t even really friendly when it comes to company vs small team vs solo indie licenses. Love how Allegorithmic handles their licenses.

Thanks, will look into Modo.

Edit: Lol okay, never mind. I already have Zbrush and Allegorithmic’s Substance Live. Doesn’t have all the tools that Maya or 3DS Max has. Need something that’s good for making architect for games and other stuff.

If everyone switches to Modo then they buy that company too…
Foundry says “-no we never gonna sell to Autodesk!”; they say that until they see a billion dollars check on the desk.

^That^ or Adobe gets another bite at the cherry…
So tell us which kind of hell would you prefer sir?
Conclusion: FOSS is an Indie dev’s only friend…:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m using Modo indie along Maya LT and I’d have no problem using exclusively Modo. I’ll probably stop using Maya once Modo indie raise their poly limit a bit (so far the limit is 100k which is too low, especially for characters). I love Maya but I hate giving my money to autodesk.