Autodesk Generic Material

When I open a Revit file into 3ds Max, it imports as a “Autodesk Generic” material. When I use Datasmith to transfer from 3ds Max to Unreal, the materials are ignored.

Is there a solution to this? A way to convert to a Physical Material or a material that Datasmith supports? Suggestions?

Been a long time since i havent use 3ds max, but ue4 doesnt support 3ds max material(except standard material).
From the doc on ue4 for datasmith:
" Datasmith does not translate Autodesk Materials or Arnold Materials/Shaders from 3ds Max. These are typically the materials that your scene uses if you imported a Revit scene into 3ds Max. You’ll need to replace these materials either in 3ds Max before you export to Datasmith, or in the Unreal Editor after you import your scene."
(source: Using Datasmith with 3ds Max | Unreal Engine Documentation )

Then you will have to manually import your material into ue4, the conventional way.