AutoDecalMerger Plugin

AutoDecalMerger Plugin allows you to spawn merge-able permanent decals and automagically merges them once overlapped.
This will dramatically increase performance.
Full blueprint support!

**AutoDecalMerger **Plugin is very useful for adding up certain gore level for your top down game, or for similar concepts.
The Plugin merges overlapping Vertically Projected Decals (spawned by DecalManagerComponent) thus reducing pixel overdraw to as low as possible.

This allows you to have hundreds of translucent Decals in a dense area, the denser the area the more decals you can merge.
The heavy processing is done on a background thread, allowing as less performance impact on the game thread as possible.

*Note: The merging is done by approximation of the material’s textures thus having some margin of errors.
*Note2: Therefore the plugin is not intended to be used with close-ups.

**AutoDecalMerger **Plugin is a great tool for creating great games.

Technical details:

Use *DecalManagerComponent *to spawn decals. *DecalManagerComponent *utilizes an
adjustable background thread that merges decals without stalling the main thread.

*Note: AutoDecalMerger Plugin does not merges every deferred decals spawned in the level, it merges only decals spawned by DecalManagerComponent

Texture requirements:

  • Compression settings must be VectorDisplacementmap (RGBA8)
  • Mip Gen settings must be **NoMipmaps **
  • **sRGB **gamma correction must be turned OFF.
  • Never Stream option must be turned ON.

Material requirements:

  • Material must have a texture parameter named “Texture” !
  • The sampler type of the texture parameter must be “Linear Color”.

*Note: The more complex the material is, the bigger the error level will be. The plugin accounts only the texture itself.

Number of classes: 5
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: Mac, iOS, Linux, Android, Win32, Win64
Supported Target Build Platforms: Mac, iOS, Linux, Android, Win32, Win64
Tested Platforms: Mac, Win64