Autocomplete method search in Blueprint editor exhibits weird behavior

Blueprint autocompletion selects the wrong list entry if the entire function name is typed out in its entirety.

Example - drag an execution line off an actor and type:

Set Actor Locatio

And “Set Actor Location” will be highlighted.

If you add the “n”:

Set Actor Location

It will jump to another entirely separate entry in the list. This behavior is exhibited with all methods in this dialog.

Hi leonsbuddydave,

This appears to be fixed in 4.9, following the steps you’ve provided above. Please check this in 4.9, and if you are still experiencing issues with the selector jumping around when completing a word, let us know and we will investigate further.


Looks like it’s working in 4.9, thanks!

In the process of testing it I did notice one odd issue that I’m not sure is a bug - if I type in “Set Actor Locatio” (note the spaces) the focus will be on “SetActorRelativeLocation”, and then when I type the last “n” it jumps to “AddActorWorldOffset”. Not nearly as workflow impacting as the other issue (thanks again!) but something I thought might be worth pointing out.