AutoAlpineMatTwo - automatic and procedural material that is in all aspects also editable by hand.

I am currently working on a new automatic landscape material pack. It is so to speak the next generation follow-up to my previous works available on the marketplace.…ile/MaxStudios
unlike previous the iterations it features a completely automatic and procedural material part that is in all aspects also editable by hand. Hence it combines the best of two worlds the automatic system with the ability to hand paint or for that matter just simply import and export alpha channels from, world machine, photoshop and so on.
Furthermore this new material features are fully highly detailed tessellation system that adaptively scales the tessellation around the player’s position.
This is a video showing the current progress on the marketplace.
This project and pack is about the landscape material not about the quality of the other assets like the trees in the grass which are included but not the focus of this pack.
The current video as well as package is still work in progress and feedback is welcome.