Auto-Weld disabled when Simulate Physics is True

Hi guys,
I am simply trying to have 2 components on an actor, which both have mass. I want them to be positionally locked to each other, which I want to achive by using the auto weld feature. The center of mass of the entire actor should then be located between the two COMs of the components. However I don’t succeed: If I enable Simulate Physics in the details panel of the child component, Auto Weld is greyed out. Why??? I thought welding is exactly for having 2 pyhsics simulating components behave like 1.

If I use the AttachToComponent node in the graph and tick “weld simulated bodies”, then both components keep correct distance, but the mass of child-component does not seem to be taken into account. I am astonished by how hard it is to do this simple task, unless of course I’m headed into the wrong direction.

best regards, Simon

Hi pulp_user,

The subject of this post is covered here.