Auto UV & Color material for block-outs [Download Available]

Hey guys,

To assist in rapid prototyping I’ve created a material that automatically aligns UVs based on world position and applies color based on surface normal.

**Download **is available on the page:

Hope you guys find it useful!

Hi Prea,

This is pretty impressive! Would you mind sharing the material editor graph for us to see? I’m very interested in how you were able to do this!

Thanks! The assets are available for download, I added the material graph below:

I was wondering if there is a float to integer conversion (round up > 0.5 and round down < 0.5) to replace the if-nodes.

Dear Prea,

wow this is amazing!

I can make a custom node for your rounding request if you are interested, if you want to use my Custom BP Nodes plugin :slight_smile:

Edit: Round Function Already Exists**

Oh never mind, the Round function already exists:

It's right here, see pic!



Hey Rama, we’re talking about two different things here! :slight_smile: The Round node that you linked is from Blueprint, the mockup material is pure material nodes w/o any involvement of Blueprint.

You can replace the IF statements in this material with the following nodes (Make it a material function if you want to reduce the nodes in the main material):


Since the values are between 0…1 these nodes just multiply the incoming values by 2 and then floors this value so for example if the incoming value is 0.25 then multiply this by 2 and you get 0.5, flooring this value makes 0. If the incoming value is 0.75, multiply this by 2 makes 1.5, flooring this makes 1.


I wish I could make material nodes for you :slight_smile:


Very useful! thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

This is exactly right. I was going to suggest this but saw that you beat me to it! :slight_smile:

Great idea Prea!

Hey guys, thanks for the node suggestion!

I’ve updated the material with the multiply/floor nodes, instruction count is lowered by 3. Since the material is not performance critical I’ll leave the online version as is for now.

Cheers guys!

On 4.24, The orange sides look like this. It’s on default settings, aside from a fix because of a texture2D having no texture. Any way to fix this?