Auto-Update and\or Multiple Select with Right Click for Unreal Launcher

“Welp, 4.7 is out! Time to clean out the old project files in my library and put in the new examples.” Deletes the examples content one at a time while waiting on the launcher to do so, and wait for all 20+GB of the new compatible content to download “Every. Major. Update.” ~.~

Several options to improve here.

  1. Have multiple select with SHIFT and CTRL and right click to use the Open, Explorer, Clone, and Delete commands. Also, being able to use the Delete key on my keyboard. Easy to implement and still gives the user options to do things.

  2. An “Update” option similar to what Valve uses in their servers to cut down on bandwidth, but requires a lot more coding and bug testing in order to work properly. Use a comparison algorithm between what’s stored on the client and what’s on the server for the update. After comparing the files on a bit-by-bit basis, download the difference and merge with the files in with the ones stored on the PC. In the settings, the user can choose to Auto-Update with the servers at least once a day or at every startup. I imagine projects bought off the Unreal store and the examples having an Update option when right clicked or an auto-update being enabled too.