Auto select multiple static meshes in the content browser instead of world outliner?

Hey guys, say you have 5 imported static meshes selected in the viewport/world outliner. Is there a way in UE to select them in content browser as well?

Kind of like how when you select a single static mesh in the viewport/world outliner and in its details panel you get that magnifying glass icon that browses and auto selects the same asset in content browser.
That functionality but for multiple static meshes?

I basically have a material I want to assign to tons of meshes in the content browser. As of now you can only right click select actors using that material in the viewport/world outliner. I instead want an option where we can select all meshes (in the content browser) that use that material and with one click assign a new material to all those static meshes.

What I am currently doing is selecting the actors by right clicking on the material. As actors get selected in the viewport I right click on them in world outliner, edit all assets which pops like 50 tabs in static mesh editor, individually assign my new material to all of them and then save all to save changes.

Pretty tedious, I am hoping I am missing out on an easier way to do this?



If you select them all in the content browser, you can bulk edit:

Bulk edit for me doesn’t have any material change options. Only other options. I read somewhere they used to have it in the bulk edit property matrix but they removed it because it caused some issues. Plus, this method assumes I have selected all meshes. As I am dealing with hundreds of meshes, I can’t hand select them. They all use the same material though so that’s common between them. So if there is a way to select them all automatically based on the material they share and swap the material to something else, that would be awesome!

Not that I’m aware of. I think you need a plugin, something like:

maybe. There are others.

Thanks that is a great suggestion!

Alternatively if you want to change all assets using the original material to use the new material, you can create a duplicate of the original in the content browser (just to save it for later if you want). Then simply delete the original material… In the delete dialogue it will say that the material is being used… Use the “Replace References” option. This will replace the material with the new one of your choice in all assets that use it.