Auto save feature


i have curious about thit feature, what its the point? :stuck_out_tongue: i disable today since sometimes its annoying, always coincides with a expensive task :mad:.
i havet least one crash every day and never can restore anything… always FAIL. :rolleyes:

The point behind the autosave is, that you still have some content after your engine crashed -> you wont loose all your progress :slight_smile: So I recommend you to not disable it!

It would be cool when you could report your crash on answerhub so that we can probably find a solution :wink:

like i say, i never can restore anything always fail to restore.

I submit all the crash reports thought the crash feature, not to A.H, its take some time for a daily crash elaborate a good report. hope this help to make UE4 more stable.

The restore feature only works if you have perforce installed which will contain all of your last made changes (versions) that weren’t saved during the crash.

I dont mean the restore feature ^^ -> you can also use the autosave files in your saved folder when the engine crashes. Just copy them into the content folder and replace the old ones -> then you will have the most recent files (the autosave before crash) :slight_smile:

Hey all,

just saying, I had alot of crash with my old hdd that is crashed today :rolleyes:
I don’t have alot of crash now with a new hard drive & restore work fine for me (About 80%).
Autosave saved me alot of time but , it’s true , sometimes it’s fail…

FWIW, the restore feature works from the local AutoSave backups, not via Perforce/SVN. You can however restore your data using Perforce/SVN yourself :wink:

do you dont see this when open after a crash?

This files was the last autosave done for the editor, you lost all work from the autosave to the crash, minus the files saved by you.

i see that windows, i select the files, click on “Restored Select” and ALWAYS fail. That its why i ask :wink:

i am the only one with that problem? :confused:

do you say the perforce message? it is a warning.

hmm i will activate again and check on next crash, not remember the exact fail, since one (or more) months ago i only click in “Skip restore” because always FAIL (or i think its failed) :o

Meigas things I suppose, you need be sure to check the box because by deafult come uncheck.