Auto save content?

New to unreal. Whenever I use ‘launch’ to test my project after making changes, it always prompts me to save my content. Is there any setting to automatically save (or not) when launching the game so it does not prompt?


I use Ctrl+Shift+S, this is a quick keyboard command to save all.

Honestly though I would just get in the habit of always saving and not viewing this as something to turn off. I have been using the engine for about 5 months now and have had the thing crash on me numerous times while developing. I noticed the better you get with the engine the less crashes happen because of bad code or badly placed actors, it still happens but less frequently. So what I’m getting at is that saving is something every Unreal developer comes to realize is a necessity and there probably is an option in the engine to turn this off but from my experience it’s best to just keep it on.

Salutations jlok,

Save after making a change. Save before making a change. Save before you save. Save often. Save.

Seriously though, it is something to just get into the habit of reflexively doing. Great suggestion by jimd667 to memorize the hotkey.