Auto-Rig Pro for Blender, Unreal Export

Hi there,

If anyone is interested, the Auto-Rig Pro addon for Blender now supports Unreal Engine export, both humanoid for retargetting and generic rig.


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Being the developper of this addon, feel free to tell me your thoughts about it, for improvements, bugfixing or harsh critics :-).

UE export and retargetting demo


I apologize if this sounds ignorant, but does your plugin do what Mixamo’s autorigger used to do? As in, it will skin, rig, and export my model for Unreal Engine? So easy a caveman could do it, pretty much? Thanks!

Hello, I bookmarked your site a week or two ago since I figured a UE4 tutorial was coming at some point - I really like the look of your tool. Currently I have a ton of trouble getting fingers to work with retargeting when I export from blender. If you don’t mind, could you try adding the free animations pack and testing idle_pistol using your method? This animation has both hands lined up next to each other, and I was using it as a benchmark to test whether my fingers were properly retargeted while futzing about trying to adapt the UE4_tools rig to a custom mesh. If you can get fingers to retarget it will be an instant purchase for me. Thanks for your time and work on open source tools.

Yes please!!!

I haven’t looked into the add-on yet, but is it capable of creating simpler rigs aimed at mobile/VR ?

Thanks for your feedback!

Basicly yes.
Maybe not as foolproof as Mixamo yet, it’s sometime necessary to modify the auto-skinning manually depending on the character.
I haven’t tested retargetting with Mixamo rigs, but with Auto-Rig Pro you may need to adjust the base / reference pose so that it fits the Mannequin pose, when retargetting animations from the Mannequin for example. But should not be big deal. You can do this either in UE or Blender. Or you can adjust the rotation afterward by applying a rotation offset to the bones.

Here is an overview of the UE export from rigging to retargetting.

I’ll try and give feedback, should work normally.

The base rig is complex, but when exporting to UE / Unity you can choose the Humanoid rig type, which will export only the basic human bones, very light rig.
If the character is not a humanoid, simply choose generic and check Deform Only in the FBX params to export only the deforming bones.

So, feedback on the idle_pistol animation:
Works fine here.
In Blender, just make sure the the Auto-Rig Pro finger bones are properly positionned.
In UE, make sure you switch to the arms and its hierarchy (hands, fingers) to Skeleton. To do this, click the All Bones Active Sockets in the bottom area, check Show Retargetting Options. The click the arm_stretch bone, right click, Recursively Set Translation Regargetting to Skeleton.
Then, you can rotate the arms and apply a rotation offset if they’re not exactly where they’re supposed to be. Just click the Key button in the top area and apply for each bone you edit. Then save it.
In the example below i’ve only rotated the arms to center the hands. The fingers are ok, but if you need more precision you can apply a rotation offset too.



This is my most used plugin in Blender and I could honestly not recommend it enough. Saves me tons of time and the plugin get updates very often.

Looks awesome. I’m gonna check it out for sure!

That looks like really cool!
One question (sorry if it’s a silly one) but can I add bones to the humanoid rig (ex: single bones for pouches, chain bones for pony tail, … etc)? Can I also easily remove bones from the generated rig?
Thank you a lot

I bought the Gumroad one but can I get the one from the blender store? I don’t think the Gumroad one is setup right.

Hi what to do if the mesh lies down suddenly upon trying to set the skeletal points? It was the right way up in all modes and scaled right just before that, i cant figure out by it wants to face teh floor on the first step of rigging. I have got it to work on other models before. Thanks

does this rig to unreal skeleton or just a skeleton