Auto Resizing Text Box?

Not a bug, but I can’t find a section for Feature Requests so I’m putting it here:

Can you guys add an automatically resizing UMG Text Box? For instance, if the text the player enters gets too long, or a generated statement gets too long, the text in the box would get reduced in size to allow the text to fit. And if there was room to spare, the text would get as large as the vertical height of the box would allow.

This would be VERY helpful to stop text from scrolling out of view when it can’t fit a box.

I have automatically generated random names for many things in my game, and certain combinations can shoot right out of the text box. I’ve had to add a 2nd line for the text, but then there’s alot of empty space most of the time. I’ve seen other games shrink down text to fit, so I’d just like to see that in Unreal.

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It’s easily doable. Just wrap the text box with a scale box.


As mentioned by this could be accomplished with the tools available in UMG. You could use a combination of scale box and size box to achieve the result that you are looking for. I hope that this information helps.

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Could you describe how the size box factors into this I’ve just used a scale box now and it seems to work roughly. What does the size box do?

I guess that would help you control the actual size - e.g. only make the text occupy 100 pixels.

thanks bro. this also worked for me. thankyou again.

This will not work at all for the height, only for the width.

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I believe that statement to be incorrect. Pick a bigger font size and notice, that the space the text occupies remains constant, despite the fact that it should be bigger both in width as in height. If you have a specific case, please share.

you saved my life. ididnt know this super easy method during using unreal. so always try to set vertical horizontal size ratio hardly. thank you!

Hey, I can’t find any information on this and this seems to be solved.

I can’t seem to get my text to correctly conform to the box as it changes.

It either spills out all over the place or is so tiny its unreadable.

Any ideas?