Auto reimport path: how to set the correct one?

I’m trying to figure out how to configure the auto reimport function in Editor Preferences > General > Loading and Saving. I’ve tried to put either relative and absolute paths, linked to project folder and .fbx folder, but nothing works. In official documentation I didn’t find references on how to set up this. Can someone please help me? Thanks a lot!

You have to give absolute path e.g.:


Posting 7-years from the future, in case someone else is looking this up…

In addition to an absolute-path, you may also use a relative-path to map your source-directory.

  • If you just want to reference the Content\ directory, use: /Game/
  • If you want to reference a path outside the Content\ directory’s scope, simply append at the end: ../
    • This will allow you to go back a directory. You can call this multiple times.

There’s probably better ways of referencing a relative-path, but it helps to keep it consistent with your Content\ directory if you’re working with others in a shared-environment.

Thank you! This worked perfectly!