Auto-populating Grass Material

Hello all!

I’m making the shift from the Unity engine as Unreal just seems to be better for what I’m looking at doing. I cut my teeth in UT99, 2k3, and 2k4, many moons ago so it’s great to be back! It’s also wildly different from those early “cowboy years”. I assume this is the right part of the forum to ask this question, but am happy to have it moved if it’s not.

So here’s the background: I’ve got a collection of terrain scans and photographs that I’m trying to visualize for clients - these are areas around the likes of golf courses, parks etc. where buildings will be placed. Naturally these areas have very tight physical detail which the eye can quickly scrutinize making the terrain system less suited for this situation. I do, however, have great geometric data and aerial photographs which result in a very good mesh of the areas.

Thing is that there are fantastic things I can do with the terrain system that I can’t seem to do with meshes, such as populating surfaces with static meshes like grass - and this one in particular is very important to people, thus my question is:

How can I have a material applied to a mesh which will spawn grass staticmesh objects as the terrain system does?

I really appreciate any assistance here as despite years of experience in many different systems I’d essentially call myself a “beginner again”, thus also really appreciate wordy answers!