Auto-play YouTube Video Through Web Browser Widget


I am working on an application for mobile devices in which I would like to be able to automatically play a YouTube video in the background so that the user can hear the audio.

I am using Unreal’s built-in Web Browser widget to load a web page that has an embedded YouTube video in it.

After my first few attempts I found out that mobile web browsers do not allow videos to auto-play unless they are muted. Un-muted videos can only be played after the user has actually touched the video player.

Because of this I have been trying to use Unreal to simulate a click on the web browser, but so far without success.

I have tried putting the web browser on a world based UI which I then aimed a widget interaction component at and called ‘Press Pointer Key’ and ‘Release Pointer Key’. This works in the editor but does not work on a mobile device.

Does anyone have any ideas about how I can get this working or about other ways to auto-play a YouTube video inside an Unreal application?


Did you manage to get it working?