Auto movement while adding value to pitch of pawn

To do:

  1. To rotate pawn(having camera) around object while i drag cursor along X axis (using left click only).
  2. To move pawn(having camera) up and down of object while i drag cursor along Y axis (using left click only).

Number 1 is done using add controller yaw.

About number 2, i could see up and down of pawn using “add controller pitch” but some auto movement happens even though i release the mouse click. I dont get how this auto movement happens.


When i drag cursor to up and down, pawn pitch works up and down but pawn moves even if i release mouse drag. What am i missing here? Thanks!

  • is this all the script there is?
  • anything in Tick?
  • how’s the lag set on the springarm?
  • could you print the length of the springarm on Tick and see how it behaves.

It seems that the reason was addition of relative location of camera in an axis mappings. I have an axis mapping that handles movement of camera location up/down with E/Q key press. It was doing the location change of the camera. Thanks