Auto Mesh Instancing

Hello, I used a lot of duplicate Static meshes in Blueprints to compose a huge scene.

  1. Is it true that “Auto Mesh Instancing” works with Meshes not Blueprints with Static meshes?
  2. Is it true that a lot duplicate Static Meshes in Blueprints are a greater performance hit than duplicate Static meshes without blueprints? Should I swap out the Blueprints with meshes?
  3. Is there an easy way to select a bunch of Blueprints(keep the blue prints transforms) and replace them with the mesh so I can take advantage of Auto Mesh Instancing?
  1. Sorry, don’t quite understand your sentence there…

  2. I should think many instances of BPs hits performance more than meshes, but you really have to just check out how bad that is for you.

  3. If you select a group and right click, you can replace them with a mesh ( that you previously selected in the content browser ).

Question, in 4.24,

  1. If duplicate blueprints are actually in the level and not dynamic, not instantiated nor movable…Will “Auto Mesh Instancing” see the duplicate blueprints and instance them?
  2. Does Auto Mesh Instancing work with blueprints within blueprints? Do I have to mark the Blueprint as a Static object in the blueprint?