Auto landscape-mesh material and procedural foliage

Hi everyone!

(Note1: all called “materials” are texture samples with Base color, Normal and Tessellation texture maps)

For the last months I have been working on my future first marketplace submission: a “procedural” material that will automatically paint 7 “materials” (for ocean depths, beachs, grass, pre-cliff, cliff, high mountain and mountain peaks, for example) on both landscapes and mesh objects through cutomizble settings, and will allow you to paint other 7 different additional materials over them. It’s one master material with two material instances: one for landscapes and another one for meshes. The 7 additional materials can be painted with layers over the landscape, and with 7 different colors with vertex paint on meshes. So you will be able to have terrains with up-to 14 “materials” included in only one actual Material.

In addition, it includes doble macro texture variations to hide the visible tiling effect -one permanent macro for close views and another macro over it for far views-, wind effect to simulate wind over the surface, and a lot of options to customize every single “material” and “macro material”.

Note2: the close-views-macro variations are also “materials”, with all three texture maps, so, finally, we can conclude that you can use the initial 14 “materials” plus the 14 “macro materials”, being a total of 28 materials in one.

I’m also still thinking about the price tag and preparing an overview video coming soon! If you like it, please, let me know your feedback.

Thank you and best regards!

(The water in screenshot is a different plane with a single different Material, but the whole landscape is using my single Material)

I was curious about adding procedural foliage generation depending of my geological calculations, and I achieved it! Hope you like it. Simply drag and drop the material into the landscape.

It looks amazing!