Auto landscape material randomly broke. What happened?

I don’t know if this is a problem with unreal, this plugin, or me. Hopefully someone has an idea what happened, because I doubt I’ll get support from the plugin creator.

I recently tried out this auto landscape plugin by Unreal Sensi. Unreal Engine AutoLandscape Material

It had worked wonderfully at the time. Now I wanted to reuse it, but the plugin totally changed. You’re supposed to be able to take the auto landscape material, make a material instance out of it, drag it onto your landscape, paint it on, and then adjust parameters within the material instance.

Now, the material and the material instance I created are alpha-channeled out. I cannot paint the landscape material onto my landscape because ue says it contains no actual materials. I remember I used to be able to open up the material instance and change out the materials I wanted to use in the autolandscape. Now, the material instance doesn’t show any materials at all.

I can’t figure out what happened. The file couldn’t have been updated. It’s stored natively. Unless I did something to it on accident. But I completely redownloaded the file and still no luck.