Auto Landscape material on static mesh

So I’ve created on Houdini (apprentice) a static mesh that I use as landscape. I would like to apply my material on the static mesh the same way I would do on a landscape.

I have two material functions (grass and stones) and they use the “LandScapeCoord” node multiplied by a constant. It works ok on a landscape build in UE, but the result is not very great with the static mesh.

When I import the OBJ from Houdini to Unreal, I scale the static mesh by 200.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?
Here how it looks with a landscape from UE4 :

Here how it looks with the static mesh from Houdini:


IT’s a super difficult program to learn, especially when there are no responses’ to good questions like yours. I’m having the same issue, however my mesh is from REVIT. Did you fine the answer anywhere?

Its a mesh. You just use black/white precomputed images to define what layer goes where.
if you use a render target you can even paint it in real time, just like you could for landscape.

Grass node won’t work on it, so there’s that.