Auto-Key All + Sequencer Issues (bug?)

As above, I cannot, for the life of me, get the ■■■■ sequencer to work for me. This is what I have done:

  • Cinematics → Add level sequence → Create new camera at camera cut → enabled “Auto-key all” + “Key All Channels” + “Unlock Camera from Viewport”

From there, no keyframes are added when I manipulate the camera location/focus/anything. I understand that there was an update where I have to add the first keyframe. Okay, added the keyframe manually, by ticking the little circle in the “Transform” section. Marks the location and loads a video in the sequencer of what I have so far, which is a wall (where I set my camera).

I move to the 5s mark, move my camera around the corner to capture the room I made; no new keyframes are added, and when I manually tick the transform, it literally adds the orange keyframe icon but doesn’t capture any input. So if I hit play, from 1-5s it is still facing the wall.

What am I doing wrong? I’m getting so frustrated trying to get this to work. I’m watching a tutorial and my engine is not performing the way it is in the engine, the “Auto-key all” is not working and is not adding/recording any input changes and I can’t add the frames manually either.

Are you trying to generate keys automatically based on navigating through the camera view? If so you’ll need to keep the camera locked to the viewport (pilot through the camera). Another way is to unlock the camera from the viewport and then you need to manipulate the camera from a 3rd person view using the transform gizmo.

Here’s a gif where keys are automatically placed while looking through the camera: