Auto Gathering on dodos, parasaurs, trikes, ...? How? Please help?

Has anybody found a way to enable autogathering during tamed wander for other creatures beside the Doedicurus and Bigfoot characters.
Those two seems to enable this in a completely different way, and settings.
I tried both ways for a dodo. Specifically made a new dmgtype_melee_dodoharvest blueprint copied from dmgtype_melee_dino_herbivore_small.
Added my dmgtype to the Dodo character Blueprint aswell to the SeedHarvestComponent with specific overrides weights on certain berries.
My dodos when set on wandering, wander away but never harvest anything.
Which settings am I missing. Or is this not possible as not being implemented in the AI Blueprint or something?
I would love to have my tamed and wild dinos running around the ARK harvesting away.
Carnivores hunt, I would like for my herbivores to graze and actually remove bushes, trees and rocks. That way you need to go in competetion with the wildlife for resources.
Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance,

First guess would be something to do with the AI.

Check the Gigantopithecus (or whatever it’s called, bigfoot or something I think) AI BP and see if there’s any references to how it’s set up.


Well, still haven’t found out how to make other dinos auto harvest stuff.
I’m going to try once more with a Trike.

I have looked in the AI_Controller Blueprints but nothing points to anything related to tamed or wild harvesting.
I have checked the core behaviour trees and found no reference to harvesting.
I think it is hidden away in the AI Controller Class, probably in the Event_Graph which unfortunately is not editable.

If my trike doesn’t work I think I’m going to post a suggestion on the Ark Reddit.

I really want my ark to come to life and actually have an actual working “Tree of Life”, eat and be eaten. They also made a start with baby penguins in the wild.
Hopefully we soon can have those dodo’s breeding like crazy just like their dossier says.

Well my Trike test failed aswell.
If anybody knows what setting I’m missing please tell.

There has to be a way to do it… I think the Dino Overhaul Mod does it somehow.

I just finished reading the dino overhaul mod changes, but nowhere I see any mention of auto gathering of resources by dinos.
I posted a suggestion in the Suggestions Forum on Steam.
I hope we don’t have to wait for this functionality for the AI Overhaul that has been promised.

check ‘Wild Ambient Harvesting’ and ‘Tamed Wander Harvest’ in the character_BP file. That might help, but I have not tried it yet.