Auto-filling an Array


In my game I have an array of images that will eventually have hundreds of entries. My images will all be stored in the a same folder within the content browser and will all follow the naming convention ‘Image001’, ‘Image002’…potentially up to ‘Image999’. Rather than me manually adding each of these to the array, is there a way for me to automate the process - eliminating the chance of human error by having the game populate the array based on a folder path? Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

You’re in luck. As of 4.23:

Like so:…34b70aee90.mp4

Another way, in case you need more granular control, is to store paths in a csv file and load them up into a data table. Then you’re free to manipulate its elements anyway you please. You can, of course, populate the DT manually, too. Can’t recommend it, though.

Wow, that’s awesome, I didn’t realise they added that, that worked like a charm! :smiley: Thanks!!