Auto exposure?

How do I disable auto exposure / eye adaptation in UE5? In UE4 the tickbox in rendering settings worked but does not seem to do anything in 5

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Add a Post-Process Volume on each levels of your game and set Min and Max Brightness to the same value (1 for bright scenes and around 0.5 for darker ones.


The auto exposure can be disabled in the project settings and in the viewport.

I have encountered the same issue. Maybe it’s a bug. @Darkin_Man solution seems to fix the problem for now.

This is not necessarily a bug. There is a checkbox that must be disabled in the viewport.


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I am pretty sure this is a bug or at least a feature they forgot to fix before the early access release. Trying to disable the auto exposure in project settings does nothing at all, but disabling it in the viewport works.

Problem is if you’re working on a project where you don’t want auto exposure at all, there is no way of turning it off. Building the project and launching it, you’ll still have the auto exposure in the project even though it’s turned off since the viewport solution is only in the editor.

Doing the post process solution works, but adds to perfomance since the computer has to still calculate it. So in my eyes that is only a temporary solution until Epic has fixed this. Hopefully this will be patched soon.