Auto Exposure Best Practices for VP

Hi all!

I am aware there are two methods for Auto Exposure.

One being within the project settings and the other method being manual Max and Min Brightness in Post Process Volume.

However, I was wondering if there was a recommended or best practice when using the Auto Exposure feature on Virtual Production.

On a side note, I noticed the Auto Exposure option within the project settings was somewhat too harsh, without the possibility of tuning parametres.

How do you guys approach the auto exposure when using it for Virtual Production?

Hey svmjvng,

Simple answer Turn it off.

There are a few things that don’t make sense in VR.
Auto exposure and lens flares are two of them.

A lens flare only makes sense when you are looking true a camera. And in VR you are supposed to look true your eyes not true a camera or monitor,

The same kind of idea with Auto Exposure. When you are wearing the headset and it gets bright your eyes are already adjusting. So adding an extra layer on top of it makes it less natural.

Hi Rane!

I understand what you are trying to say!

However, I was referring to VP (Virtual Production like nDisplay) and not VR!

Anyhow, I do understand your point! Thanks!