auto/easy flying mounts for starting players

For modders doing larger maps that want to make it quick/easy for editors or players to obtain a flying mount, what’s the easiest editor way to do this? Does the player have to be greater than a specific level for flying mounts or can you mod-reduce the time spent for getting a mount and taming to none or close to none for a starting player?

You can always summon ptero and forcetame it. other way is to clone ptero make new dino and change it so it is tamed realy fast. And give ptero saddle to starting players.

Along with this you could also make it so that players can activate spawning/summoning a ptero with an action of some kind (with a saddle) so they could start off with it. Then setup a verification so that they can only use the action once (this way they don’t spam it).

Is there a way to tame the dino using the blueprint commands?

New item in the white-drop loot table?

I created a way to spawn something with an item, but I haven’t figured out how to set it to tamed.