Auto-Detect Graphics Settings & Screen Settings

Is there an auto-detect graphics & automatic setup tool or some kind of setup for startup/installation of games in UE4?

And for screen settings, I’ve seen some examples floating around about setting up screen/graphics settings in game menu options, but they looked huge, is there a simpler way?

Note: I’m using Blueprints mainly, having touched Visual Studio yet

I am also interested in this

You have to use C++ to expose the functionality.

Alternatively you can pay for it. There is a graphics settings module in the marketplace if you don’t have any knowledge of C++.

Use UGameUserSettings, which is a class mostly only exposed to C++. It’s exactly what it’s designed for and respects the setting priority properly. ShooterGame has an example of extending it slightly.

It’s the best way, and all your settings are then exposed the GameUserSettings.ini when you package a game. The one on Marketplace uses save games and is a little bit convoluted IMO and creates unneccesary bulk. It also issues console commands directly - which is all well and good until you want to customise things a little more. Fine as a starting point but if you want to do you’re own stuff it’s best to look into the dedicated options.

GameUserSettings are exposed to BP now, you can get them by **GetGameUserSettings **node. There are no BP tutorials on this because it’s kinda new, but all logic from C++ tutorials is applicable to BP.
Use RunHardwareBenchmark to detect proper settings and **ApplyHardwareBenchmarkResults **to apply them.

Super helpful, thanks zeOrb!