Auto demolish

how do you get a item to auto demolish when the item it was snapped to was demolished

You have to break any supporting structures, like walls or ceilings that are connected to the item usually. Say for example you want to demolish and entire wall, you would need to remove the foundations, any connected ceilings and then boom it all breaks. Of course there are certain items that don’t follow these rules, such as pipes that like to explode when you remove one of them. But the general rule is all supporting connections must be broken, or basically items can’t float in the air.

I think what he means is he wants his item to break when whatever it is sitting on is destroyed in which case I believe it is: “Only foundation when snapped to foundation” or something along those lines.

sorry yes. I have a wall that has a snap point. I snap something to it. then pick up the wall the item I snapped to it stays I want to it auto demolish. when the wall is picked up or demolished like norm items.

ok i fixed it i was missing core structure need to be checked