Auto crafting on creatures work on devkit, but not in-game?

So I’m trying to make a creature produce pearls while wandering. I’ve set it up according to Dung Beetle’s files. It works as a charm on the dev kit, tried it normally and simulated the dedicated server and both worked fine. The problem is that it doesn’t work in-game. I’ve tried both single player and server and neither does anything.

I feel like it’s something to do with the game not recognizing the consumable recipe item. Anyone have any experience with the auto crafting on dinos?

It seems like I found the issue. The creatures that are already tamed won’t have the ability to produce the pearls. You have to either tame a new one or perhaps visiting an obelisk would do the trick.

EDIT: Yup, visiting an obelisk works.

i looked into the dung beetle but dont know how you did it. could you explain step by step how you made a dino wander craft custom items or upload something to explain how you did it?