Auto Compile C++ on Editor Start up?

Hi, I’m trying to find a way to make the editor compile C++ automatically on start up. We have a team of 3 engineers, 3 artists and 3 designers. When we make C++ changes often the game in editor will be in a bad state until they hit Compile and reload. Pecking around I haven’t found a way to set this. We’d also prefer not to build the engine and keep using the retail engine.


This doesn’t answer your direct question, personally, I don’t know how to do that. But…

Many development teams only provide the artists and designers with binaries. So they never pull down source code and instead pull down prebuilt binaries. That means adding a layer into your version control separating what the artists and programmers are directly checking into.

Thanks Mike, I was trying to avoid using the binaries but might need to look at adding them to the repo from out build machine as you suggest.

Plugins will auto-compile on startup. Perhaps you can package your modules as plugins?

As mikepurvis said, a good approach is to commit the binaries to source control and let the artists run them.

That way, artists often dont need or want Visual Studio installed.