Auto Adjust Camera In Rolling Template

Hey guys, i done a auto adjust camera from this youtube tut: Unreal Engine 4 - Creating an auto-adjusting third-person camera - YouTube

And works great in third person template, but i am currently trying to get it to work with the rolling template and run out of ideas of how to get it to work , basically need it to adjust with forwards and back and right and left, as standard like the video, left right works fine but camera rotates 360, i set it up like this (My video: - YouTube) which limits the rotation, and also if i connect the forward/back or the left/right separately, it works for both, but together, the forward and back cancels the left and right…wondering if anyone from Epic can help?


Hey jdsb52,

Sorry for the delay in response; this fell under the radar for awhile. Are you still having difficulty setting this up in 4.4? If so, could you provide some images of your current Blueprint setup? Thanks!

Hey jdsb52,

We haven’t heard from you in awhile, so I am marking this post resolved for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this issue after upgrading to 4.4, please let us know and we will continue investigating. Thanks!