Auto adjust brush setting

Hello, can is possible to adjust automatically brush setting box (X, Y & Z axis) when you change the size of one brush in geometry mode?


when you create one single BSP Box, you can edit the size with the detail pannel. Right?
Or you can edit the size by the Geometry mode.
When you transform the brush with this mod, all settings set in the detail pannel (X, Y, Z numbers) won’t change.
More comprehensible? :slight_smile:

Hi disnosj,

I’m sorry, what functionality exactly are you talking about? Do you want to be able to have a set size for all BSP boxes you create?

Thanks for the feedback. This is a known issue that is currently being looked into by our developers. It is TTP# 270583 in our tracking software.


Yes! I try to size the brush but doesn´t work very well because the pivot keeps changing all the time (even tho I had set it in the corner vertice, it keeps getting into the middle sometimes) also this approach gets the textures surface all deformed, on the other hand if I try to set the brush size using the “Brush Settings” everytime I set a new number the Brush chages positions. If the brush tools are supposed to speed up workflow those small details kind of ruin it, making it better to use custom made static meshes anyway, unless there is another way to solve this that I’m not aware of.