Australian Talent

Hello my name is Brandon I’m 28 and from Australia,

I’m putting a section here to attract more Australians or people closer to our time zone, as fellow content creator I find it hard to organise with people from our countries also I believe in some cases its good to meet up with those you work with, so I’m posting this thread if your Australian based drop your information here and I hope we can all create something amazing from this cheers.

If you can please provide

  • Contact information
  • Portfolio
  • If your paid or not
  • If your willing to teach others
  • State you live in
  • If you did not vote for LNP lol
  • Rough prices of previous work stops time wasters if you can display your rough costs

Please be mindful of others and lets create a local community.

Love Anderfell

Also for those with Skype here is a group link Join conversation feel free to join.