Austin, Texas. Looking to start a UE4 Users Group

If you live in Austin, TX and are interested in establishing, or participating in a regular get together to discuss and share all things UE4 let me know.

In your reply, please state:

  1. Your relative experience (beginner, intermediate, professional)
  2. How many games you have shipped (if you have not shipped any that is ok)
  3. What areas of game creation you are most interested/skilled in (Art, Animation, Programming, Level Design etc.)
  4. Other pertinent info

Thanks and looking forward to starting a group when we get enough interest.

awe i live in Canada

Hey -

I’m in Austin, Texas

Currently well into development of a game with my team who live back home in Ireland.
Hopefully shipping our first title late 2016 / Early 2017.
I am a programmer.

Did you ever get more interest? If not, we could just go get some of that great bbq we have in this city - since I am new here and don’t know anyone except my wife!