AUSSIE UE4 Developers

Hey Guys, Looking for UE Devs around AUS, in particular Brisbane.


Need details, compensation etc.
Please check out the Recruitment Template.

If you’re not actually looking for people and just want to get a discussion going, let me know and I’ll shift this thread to a more appropriate forum.

Other, Melbourne’ish based dev here :stuck_out_tongue:


Melbourne based UE4 tinkerer here, wouldn’t classify me any higher than that!

Canberra here but like Loucsam, I consider myself a tinkerer more than anything.

Aspiring Adelaide dev here :slight_smile:

Melbourne dev here!

Another Melbourne dev here too

Perth here :slight_smile:
Not really a dev just a tinker :slight_smile:

Hobart represent! (there’s more of us than you might think!)

Melbourne :slight_smile:

Another from Hobart, a hobbyist atm but i would like to take it further. :slight_smile:

Brisbane, hobbyist/tinker. I wouldn’t say no to doing game Dev for a living for a while. I help friends out with modding Rfactor sometimes, But since I got my DK2 all I want is to play VR games and there isn’t many good ones. Just demo’s

Adelaide! O:


I’ve moved this thread to off topic, since there has been no talk of an actual project (yet).

That said…

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!..

Launceston… Sadly.

I’ve spent most of my life on the Gold Coast.

Tassy seems to have a surprisingly strong representation here.

Perth based.
Looking for anyone in Aus to learn together with ue4. Have some of my work on youtube.

Maybe it would be better for you guys to join this project Unreal Engine 4 World-Wide User Map - Off-Topic - Unreal Engine Forums

If you haven’t spotted it there are now User Groups (meet ups) sanctioned by Epic popping up around Oz cities. Check the launcher for links.

Hey fellow Aussies! I’m a Melbourne based VR developer working on a Stealth VR game. This is my first prototype video:

I’m currently in talks to secure funding and move the project forward. I’m definitely looking to collaborate on this and a fewother VR projects. Do hit me up via my website (link in video description) if you’re interested in chatting futher!