Hey everyone,

I’m not a very active forum poster but I was encouraged to share my final year project. It’s a 2.5D pixel game made in UE4 - the aim is to create a demo showing the game concept and an indication of gameplay.

You play as* Aurora*, a fairy who was born without her wings. You farm magical plants to make potions on your quest to regain your wings. The potions act as upgrades which either restore your powers or help you find rarer plants to progress throughout the game (e.g. Breathing underwater, talking to animals, darkvision etc.) A lot of inspiration for this game comes from Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing and Fern Gulley, although I draw inspiration from many other sources too. Freelancers who feel like helping on this project are always welcome and will be fully credited, but be aware it’s a student project and therefore unpaid.

I’ll try and post regular updates from now on. :o Here’s my alpha submission - a long way to go still but it’s coming together quite nicely.
(Song is Beam Me Up - P!nk, instrumental version by Jamie Barrett)

Hi elfziel

This project is looking really interesting, I love the 2.5D vibe that you have going on, I have not seen this before, great work!

Have you got any nice screen shots :slight_smile: