Aura - Upcoming Oculus Rift + Myo Game

“Aura is the life force that maintains all beings in the world, how do you use it?”

Aura is a game I’m developing with two others currently, currently non-profit. It is a “virtual reality fantasy fighter” that utilizes “Oculus Rift” and “Myo” to battle players, or non-playable characters, in a virtual environment. There are three unique archtypes that support a plethora of classes, they are: Mage, Warrior, and Ranger. The player will choose his or her archtype, and then choose what they want to specialize in.
The selling point of this game is not so much the use of virtual reality, but the combat that synergizes so well with it. Upon choosing his or her specific archtype, he or she will instantly have access to all element types (Wind, Water, Fire, Earth), all weapon types (One-Handed Sword, Two-Handed Sword, Dagger, Axe, Mace, and more…). For each element or weapon, you will gradually be able to level up those elements and weapon types and allocate skill points into a skill-tree designated for that element or weapon. You gain experience by using a specific element, or weapon as well, similar to an Elder Scrolls game. Outside the realm of elements and weapons is “Yin” and “Yang”, the building blocks to “spell-chains”. All spells and weapons utilize “Aura”, as well as “Stamina”. Killing players will allow you to level your character up which you will be able to allocate “5” stat points to “Strength, Wisdom, Intelligence, Vitality, and Stamina”.

Strength will determine the players overall damage they output with a physical weapon.
Wisdom will determine the players overall damage they output with spells.
Intelligence will determine the players “Aura” amount, used to cast spells.
Vitality will determine a players total health-point amount.
Stamina will determine a players total stamina count, used to sprint, run, jump, and swing weapons.

The Mage’s playstyle focuses more on a players memorization, specifically for the different hand-gesture requites to cast said spells.
For a Mage to cast a spell, he or she must don a Myo armband, and use specific hand gestures. In example, he or she may wish to cast a fireball, so they would hold up the first gesture for “Fire” and then use the “Yin” gesture", followed by whatever else is required to complete the fireball spell. Yin and Yang will determine if a Mage’s spell is offensive or defensive in nature.

The Warrior’s playstyle focuses more on a players actual skill with a weapon, as well as careful planning on how he or she wishes to build their character, and kill their enemy.
A Warrior has the choice of using any weapon he wants in either hand, or both hands. You as the player can dual wield two daggers, or you could wield one dagger and use a Heavy shield. Your weapon choice of playstyle is free and up to you. You may want to create a build for your character with the hopes of being a master assassin, want the perks of a skill in another tree. Lets say, as an assassin, you wish to use the “Phase” skill that you unlock a few tiers later in the two-handed swordsman tree. You could unlock it, and then begin mastering the assassin’s tree.

As a ranger, you will focus more on strategy and outwitting your enemy with ploys and deadly traps.
You are given your bow, a trap, and a flask. Overtime, you are able to concoct different potions and poisons, as well as create oils, to use in these flasks. Your bow will also level up and have it’s own skill tree. Your flask will come in handy when trying to rejuvenate stamina, heal wounds, apply poisons, or simulate different elemental affects which you can apply to your arrows. An example of an elaborate ploy to kill your enemy, the ranger will first set a trap and lead his or her prey into it by trickery. He or she will throw an “Oil Flask” on the ground, ignite his or her arrows with a “Potion of Fire” and ignite the oil. The player will attempt to evade the AoE fire and if the ranger was skilled, lead the enemy in the trap. You can get headshots with the bow.

If you are interested in joining the team and helping with this project, read below:

I am a 3d artist and game designer currently seeking a Blueprint specialist // C++ Programmer for a current game development project. Your role as a programmer will be to create a working and functioning spell using Myo, as well as implement core RPG elements into the newest Unreal Engine 4. There will be various other programming tasks as well. I cannot pay anyone to help with this game as of right now; however, I will be starting a kickstarter. My main milestone for the kickstarter is to get a playable prototype of the game. This consists of a 1 basic spell using hand gestures, a completely finished arena map, and 2-3 character models that represent the three different archtypes.

Currently, the team consists of me (3D Artist, Level Designer and Game Designer) and a friend whom is a particle systems artist. I am 26 years old with two shipped game titles under my name. One for QA while the other as an environment artist. I helped with QA on “The Godfather Slots” on iOS devices while I did environment and prop art for “Scrap Squad”, an iOS and Android game.

Here are a few of the 3d assets I’ve modeled and blocked out in UE4 thus far.

Relative Links:

Product’s Website:

Video of Myo & Oculus Rift
Programming & Myo

Anyone interested in working on this project with me?

I don’t feel like I really have the skills to help out, but just wanted to say I think it sounds badass =]

Thanks man!

I’ve got my own project to worry about atm but it sounds pretty cool especially with that myo thing and your assets are looking ace :smiley:

Is this Myo thing any better than the Leap? I would love to see a game that uses VR and hand gestures as controls. I even thought about developing something myself, but I was disappointed by the Leap. It’s really more a gimmick than a reliable input hardware, imho. I didn’t try the Myo yet.