August Game Jam

Looking for a team to participate for this months Game Jam. Right now we have 2 members, a 3d modeler and a visual blueprint programmer. We would like to fill in the other 3 roles for character modelling, c++ programming and sound artist.

Our end game is to find suitable partners to work on future project and to get experience to work with others but also to make the top Game Jam game this month. If interested reply with what role you think is best suited for you. Thanks and good luck to the rest of our competition.

My latest project link here

Also here is a sample work from our 3D modeler SammVarnish

Hoping to hear from you guys soon.

3rd Member has been added. If interested reply or PM me with a role you like to fulfill.

I am interested in helping with the game jam, could you use another BP programmer?

I’d be glad to help if you need any level designers/game designers.

~ Jason

I should be able to help out with the music as I have some free time until September, I’ve composed for several games including Xeno-Siege, Tears, Legends of Gyo, Spacemen and Epic Space Online