August Game Jam with our Team of 3

We represent the game thats going public at the end of summer Continuity

I run BlenderTek a YouTube channel about everything 3D, game dev and coding with 3k subscribers as well as the sub channel UnrealTek

We’re going to be participating full-time (mostly) in the August Epic Games Game Jam. We are a team of 2 full time members Avolanty and myself, Nsomnia as well as a as-much-time-as-possible 3rd member SolarForge.

My forte is 3D modelling and photo-realistic texturing but I’ve become a very apt blueprinter due to my C#, Python, JavaScript and (some) C++ experience. I’ve watched or followed every single Digital Tutors UE4 tutorial (about 25 of them by now at least) and own every software package you could think of. From Maya to Marvelous Designer to zBrush to MakeHuman to WorldMachine, Quixel Suite, Substance Designer/Painter and everything in-between and I have at least watched pro paid tutorials on all/most of them.

My partner, Avolanty is also a fairly apt blueprinter who specializes in A.I. and prototyping one-off ideas quickly. He also has alot of 3D experience in Maya particularity with rigging. Me and him have watched a ton of professional paid tutorials on game development.

Our third member SolarForge is a 3D modeller whos been doing it as a very serious hobby for a long time (I’ve been getting him to move to PBR though :wink: ) and picks things up extremely quick. Hes a python programmer but hasnt tried blueprinting yet. He does animating as well.

We will be doing all planning tomorrow (wednesday) on our semi-private forums at Loading... We use Copy but have SVN available, just have bad experience with source control before so we tend to just keep in good communicating whos working on what and either work on seperate maps or even projects if its a minor thing then migrate it over and let everyones changes sync to the cloud.

Most communicatino is done via Steam or Skype, TeamSpeak may be available, I personally find it distracts me but.

If anyones interested shoot me a PM or reply or steam ssa_nsomnia. Anyone whos a “good sport” that has intrest in joining the team to work on our serious-indie-commerical project Continuity linked above will definitely have a spot to join us in development. Otherwise this is just for the fun of a gamejam and to build up everyones portfolio.

We have most of the Marketplace items and the thread said they can be used so those will be available for this project.

Edit: Just tried SVN for the first time, its available and ready if someone says “you cant beat it trust me”

Hi, are you looking for someone to do any audio? I do work unfortunately on the 13th, 14th, and 15th. But I will spend every waking moment at home on this game jam!
I don’t have any experience with games, but I’m HIGHLY motivated and I’ve developed my music and sound design skills over the past 6 or so years. I’m currently getting finished music together for my soundcloud, but I at least can send you my instagram profile that has some examples of music loops and sound design! I specialize in electronic music btw, but I’m always open to experimentation.

Let me know!

I had someone PM me regarding audio, if we dont have a 5th member it cant hurt, I just cant promise as we are getting close to 5. Add me on steam ssa_nsomnia and/or skype blendertek. Some electronic loops for menus or UI clips (bright sawtooth bloops, blips, bleeps etc.) would not hurt.


We have spots still with a skype conversation going

If you cant reach Nsomnia you can also try his partner which is me, Steam ID is Avolanty