August Game Jam Team Looking for Members

Hello fellow Unreal Engine developers. My name is Graeme Little and I am looking to fill some slots on a team for the upcoming August Unreal game jam. I participated last month with another developer under the team name “FreshTek.” You can check out our post here. We didn’t win, but our project was pretty well received for a 2 man effort done in less than 24 hours. For this and the next series of game jams my team has an overarching theme which we will tie together into the direct game jam themes. If you’re interested in joining the team i’ll fill you in on the details. It should be an exciting and great learning experience! I will also be streaming when I can to my twitch channel during the event. I would be happy to give your current project or stream a shout out while we’re working.

I will heading up sound design and music composition, and also helping when needed with blueprints and/or 2D widget design. We also already have a blue print scripter, and are looking for more people to flush out the team. We particularly need someone who can create models and meshes, and someone with animation experience is a plus. You must be able to interact over voice chat. (skype or teamspeak) We will be using source control so some familiarity with best practices using SVN is a plus. Otherwise, have a friendly and productive attitude and you’ll fit right in!

I can’t wait to see what our team, and the many other teams and individuals participating in the next gamejam create! Shoot me a PM or reply to this thread if you’re interested! We will be meeting for a bit next week before Thursday to setup everyone with our SVN and discuss schedules and work flow.


Graeme Little