Augmented Reality, Vuforia etc

Has anyone tried integrating Vuforia or other AR SDKs with UE4 ? I have tried Vuforia with OpenGL code and it requires access to the framebuffer and scene renders with an alpha channel. Wonder if this can be done in UE4 at he moment. Would be helpful to know if someone else has tried this. The possibilities are endless especially with the new Epson BT200 glasses.


Hey, the very same question: anyone managed to integrate Vuforia SDK with UE4?

We would really like to see vuforia on Unreal. Then we wouldnt need Unity for anything.

Hi - just wanted to check if anyone thinks there’ll be AR support or feature in the coming months (such as the way Vuforia and Unity work together).
I’m starting a project to work with the Kinect and Oculus and I think Unity is my only option although I’d much rather work with UE4.

Im interested too.
I used Unity for trying make a simple AR app with Vuforia and Open Dive SDK.
Woukld be very fine to able to use them in UE too.

Integrating Vueforia maybe too tricky, using openCV is much easier, but of course you’ll have to code those computer vision algorithm by yourself…

Not sure if its going to be very difficult. Need to do some native code programming using the Vuforia sdks. It reads the camera stream and processes each frame and returns the camera transform in world space. I havent got down to it but looking at other pieces of native code (Steam/IAP etc) this should not be very difficult. Plan to try this in JAN and also gonna experiment with AR HMDs with UE4 … should be fun!