AudioVolume doesn't generate OverlapEvents?

Hi guys,

I’m working on a system for our game that’s going to handle ambient sounds in different areas. I wanted to use AudioVolumes so I can control which ambient sounds will play in a given area as well as having zones set up for reverb at the same time. However, I’m not able to get the Audio Volume to generate overlap events when entering it with my character (both “Generate Overlap Events” on the volume and on my character are ticked). When I use a Trigger Volume in stead, it does generate overlap events. Any help is appreciated!


I’m not sure why overlap events aren’t triggering with audio volumes, but why not just use a regular trigger volume if that’s working for you? You should be able to reproduce and enhance the capabilities of audio volumes in BP with trigger volumes. E.g. on overlap, trigger a new ambience, stop the old one, etc.

Thanks for the reply. Right now I am using Trigger Volumes since they indeed do basically the same thing, but with Ambient Volumes I’d have an easy way to also control reverb and the ambient zone settings. So if I can figure this out I’d rather use one of those!