Audio's VolumeMultiplier is strange. It seems like a bug, but I can not be sure

My OS: Windows 8.1
Symptom: Audio Component Volume does not increase.

When I set the Volume to 0 with the ‘SetVolumeMultiplier’ function in Audio Component, can not increase the volume again. The same is true for AdjustVolume.

Features include:

  • When the value of VolumeMultiplier changes to 0, the volume of audio does not increase even if VolumeMultiplier value increases again.
  • VolumeMultiplier is 0, so no sound is heard, but if call the Play function, the VolumeMultiplier volume will be applied.
  • If VolumeMultiplier is set to 0 and Play is performed, the volume is increase normally when the VolumeMultiplier is increased.

So I did this.
If the float variable in setVolumeMultiplier is less than 0, it is reset by 0.001.

I want to ask. Is this a bug, or is it simply stopped when the volume is zero?

IsPlaying changed to false

I have the same question.