Hey everyone,

I finally got around to entering the wide world of Unreal.

Since I was able to achieve “success” relatively quickly as a newbie, but can still learn a lot more from experienced users, I would like to present my first project to you.

However, this project will not deal with deep coding, level design or anything else. It will mainly be about SFX and music integration and implementation in UE4. I have chosen Wwise as middleware. But I will also try to implement some things directly in UE.

At the moment I am working on the following:

  • Following Sound Actor along Spline.
  • Dynamic Foliage, with Simple Collision. Also works with the Foliage Painter, without manually setting trigger boxes.
  • Music parameter control along a spline. Can be used for more detailed attenuation and simulate tarnsmission and diffraction, but also for dynamic music and ambience transitions.

I would be very happy to receive feedback and suggestions from you. I can well imagine learning a lot from you.


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