AudioComponent hitting SoundCue's MaxConcurrentPlayCount even when other sources are out of range?

I’ve been having an issue whereby occasionally items in the world that have an audio component that play a looping soundcue, will sometime fail to play. For example, the sound of a small generator running.

I’ve isolated it down to the max concurrent play count for the soundcue (so increasing the count allows the sound to be played).

However the other sound sources (other generators in the world) are far out of range of the one by the player (the one that is failing to play).

If i run


, it does not show any instances of the sound playing.

Does anyone know how to resolve this, or know how to further debug it?


I don’t know. In a multiplayer game, is it possible to have the soundcue’s play status a thing that is only relevant locally? Is it possible to start/stop the sounds in a function that runs locally, and then check to see when you’re in range?

Yes, I’ve tested and it looks like the MaxConcurrentPlayCoun gets affected even if the sound source is out of range.

I think I will add an interface, which all actors that emit a looping sound will implement. Then have a manager class that checks all these actors on a interval, and toggles the soundcue based on proximity to the player.