[Audio] Wwise Listener in Editor is missing

Hi! I’m have an issue with wwise sounds in Animations Editor (you know, that window where you can play the animation and place notifies in a timeline). The issue is, if I open this Anim. Editor without previously opening a scene, the AkEvents sent by some Ak Notifies I have in the timeline, won’t play. You cannot hear any Ak notifty until you open a scene.

After some debugging we realized that the scene was providing a Camera (or Camera Manager) and a Player Controller, and with this, the Wwise Listener can setup correctly. In the Animations Editor window all we have is some kind of an AnimationPreview Actor, who doesn’t provide any Controller or camera.

What can I do if I need to get a “Preview Editor Listener” (or something like) without opening a map? (from C++)
Does Wwise already handle an Editor Listener?


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