Audio Volumes

I’m getting into putting sound and adding sound cues to my game, but I’m not understanding how the volumes should work. Some of my audio blocks out the others, by being too loud or some are just too quiet. I know I can adjust the volume multiplier, but what I would to ask is. Is there a rule I should be following in doing sound, a tutorial I missed? So the sound blends together.

SoraJR - have a look at the Audio & Sounds overview in the docs … they have really good documentation on how to handle sound and where to put them & how to access them via blueprint/runtime or even just as ambient noise volumes.

Pay special attention to the Sound Attenuation section - where it talks about how to setup 3d sound - where it fades as you get further away from the object within the game.

If you have any problems outside of this - please take a snapshot of your level with the sound object highlighted - or a blueprint if your doing sound @ runtime… and explain the problem in further details.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, I’ll be sure to look into it.

How would I access the reverb settings?