Audio Visualization with Blueprints Tutorial Video

Made a quick video on how to use the Audio Visualization plugin using a project I had been working on a few months back. Hope it’s helpful!

Thanks a lot for your tutorial.
there is not a lot of audio tutorials for now so it is a great gift.

Thank you a ton for this! I was trying to get these nodes to work and couldn’t figure out why it was so laggy, I didn’t consider going to very small time increments. Nice tutorial! I can’t wait to try hooking it up to my VR audiobook player for adjusting how open/closed the narrator’s mouth is for a ghetto lip sync. Right now it’s just randomized and can look weird if he’s moving his mouth when there’s no sound.

Glad you’ve both enjoyed the tutorial!

Amazing work and great tutorial! Thank you very much for sharing, it has been very helpful. I’m a complete n00b to UE4 and don’t know how to generate specific nodes in your blueprint such as, ADD AUDIOCOMPONENT, and GET ALL ACTORS OF CLASS. Perhaps you designed them by adding a new function? If you or anyone else reading this could suggest where to find this information it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hello Scott
I’m working on a project involving Oculus and unreal engine 4, and I’m trying to figure out how I can animate the brightness of the particles to an audio file. (I don’t know if it is possible)
I’ve been following your tutorial and I can’t make it work either.(I’m totally new to unreal and its node base content)
Would you be kind and send me in the right direction.
thanks in advance.

Really Awesome !!!